The Jade Bracelet

The Jade Bracelet

Luck, Fate or Magic...

 United Kingdom, 2023
Budget:  5m
 100 mins
An adolescent boy in a financially struggling family gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he’s granted access to a wish-fulfilling bracelet, but he may just get more than he asked for.

When Xui's parents refuse to become involved in industrial espionage, they are framed and dismissed, plunging the family into poverty.

There is little Xui can do to help, other than to sell his expensive toys and gadgets to a pawn shop. But, whilst there, he becomes entranced by a beautiful jade bracelet, which is said to grant its wearer good luck. Once on his wrist, the bracelet cannot be removed and almost immediately Xui's family's fortunes change. However, when word gets out about the bracelet, Xui finds himself the target of his father's old boss and once again, it seems that fate, in the form of the bracelet, will decide just how well things ultimately turn out.

"The Jade Bracelet is an undeniably unique and interesting fantasy drama that is written with such honesty and earnestness that it’s hard not to enjoy.”