Justice is About to be Served

 TBC, 2023
Budget:  20m
 100 mins
An ordinary college girl as she embarks on a dangerous adventure full of thrilling action as a local vigilante, transforming her from an ordinary quiet girl into a heroine of hope.

When out of the blue fate delivers Wendy a cruel blow, her life is turned upside down. Shaken by grief Wendy retreats to her room, as both mentally and emotionally, she struggles to come to terms with the terrible events that destroyed all she held dear.

Each evening, Wendy hides away in her room and passes time by continuing to make chopsticks for the family restaurant that is no more; the very same chopsticks that are soon to become her weapon of choice.

Why could Wendy always sense when danger was near? Why did she suddenly feel she had to save people under threat? Aided by her aunt, she uncovers a mystical side to herself she never knew she had, and an ancestral secret that will change her forever.