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At Unique Inspiration, our aim is to Inspire, Enrich and Entertain through creativity. Our new media division was created to develop iconic properties.

Our television and film properties are being developed to appeal to a global audience, fusing east with west whilst incorporating longevity through a franchise model, where appropriate.
Chopstix | Scam Alert | The Fortune Cookie | The Jade Bracelet | The Prince of Arabia

Aku & Kamu | The Kryptic Kids


  • A Nigerian student on scholarship in America finds himself the victim of a more than an ironic scam plus the perpetrator of his own!

    “Coming to America meets the Internet”

    “…a brilliant concept for a comedy with endearing character moments and unexpected turns. The author balances genuine emotion well with outrageous plot development and humor. The pro-immigration message within helps elevate the screenplay to something that feels quite timely...”


  • A womanizer and a woman with unlucky dating experiences are brought together by destiny and cursed until the man comes to terms with his playboy ways and confesses his love for her.

    “Crazy Rich Asians meets Hangover”

    “…a charming and unique high-concept romantic comedy. It takes a fun and original premise to tell a character focused story about respecting others, embracing commitment, and other lofty relationship themes…”


  • An adolescent boy in a financially struggling family gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he’s granted access to a wish-fulfilling bracelet, but he may just get more than he asked for.

    “A tale of destiny, luck and dreams”

    “The Jade Bracelet is an undeniably unique and interesting fantasy drama that is written with such honesty and earnestness that it’s hard not to enjoy.”

    “…simple, straightforward, high-concept, and effective…”

    - Family | Fantasy | Adventure -

  • An ordinary college girl, uncovers a mystical side to herself she never knew she had and an ancestral secret that is about to change her life forever, as she embarks on a dangerous adventure full of thrilling action as a local vigilante, transforming her from an ordinary quiet girl into a heroine of hope.

    “Justice is about to be served...”

    “The rise of a new modern heroine”

    “…simple, straightforward, high-concept, and effective…”

    - Fantasy | Action | Adventure -

  • Oil reserves are rapidly depleting. The race is on to find a renewable source of energy from within the desert. As a team of Arabian scientists edge closer, their plans are hijacked by a rogue team, keen to exploit it’s potential to power military grade weapons. The future of Arabia is at stake.

    “A boy from a Bedouin tribe becomes a Prince and savior of Arabia.”

    “The Prince of Arabia is an entertaining, captivating, and inspiring project that has scope to become a global franchise.”

    - Fantasy | Action | Adventure -

Aku & Kamu: The Animated Series


  • Aku & Kamu
    Making Learning Fun
    Aku is a Polar Bear from the Arctic Circle. Aku can't read. Kamu is a Koala from Australia. Kamu can't count. Through their misadventures, they both end up miles away from their respective homes and their families. They are both lost in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

    Aku & Kamu appear in a their own series of storybooks for two age groups, pre-5 and 5-10. A range of merchandise is also available as well as a range of mobile apps. Furthermore, the Aku & Kamu Animated Series is currently in production to bring the characters to life.

  • The Kryptic Kids
    "Scooby Doo meets The Famous Five"
    The Kryptic Kids are the adventures of four ordinary children, Brad, Niki, Steve and Tara. Each time they meet they end up finding themselves trying to solve a mystery, by overcoming challenges and obstacles that they are presented with. With each challenge, they learn more about each other; their own individual abilities and the strong bond that is the foundation of their friendship.

    In their opening adventure, they investigate the mysterious disappearance of an ancient key from the local history museum. Why would anyone want to take a rusty old key? They Kryptic Kids are on the case.

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