Unique Inspiration Media

About Us

At a Glance
Film Production

  •  Independent Producer based in the United Kingdom.

  •  Core focus on global projects with East-West fusion.

  •  Diverse development slate: Romantic Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Family and Children's content.
At Unique Inspiration, our aim is to Inspire, Enrich and Entertain through creativity. Our new media division was created to develop iconic properties.

Our television and film properties are being developed to appeal to a global audience, fusing east with west whilst incorporating longevity through a franchise model, where appropriate.

At Unique Inspiration, we are actively exploring partnership opportunities linked to investment, co-production and distribution.

Our focus is on developing a global network of partnership and projects to align with our current development slate.

Although we have a number of projects in development, we are always looking for new innovative ideas and the opportunity to work with talented writers.

We do not have a set timetable for receiving submissions but usually review all material within four weeks of receipt.

All submissions should be sent via email to submissions @ uniqueinspiration.co.uk